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Enviroment for future

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trollhättan stad

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2020-09-01 - 2022-08-28

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Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Turkey

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The UN has set up 17 goals to detain a healthy world in 2030, both for humanity and Mother Earth. The sustainable goals are set for all the citizens of this world, either they are poor, rich or average income. The environmental issues are not an issue only for the poor or the rich but for all the people all around the world. We, all citizens of this world have a responsibility to act for a better environment, which will also improve our health and climate. Our aim by creating this project is to reach out to more people around Europe and Turkey. This is our duty to spread our knowledge and experiences about the goals that need to be reached2030.
In this Erasmus+ project called "Environment 4 Future" we would like to enlighten:

  • Sustainability in society
  • Investigations and comparisons of carbon footprints and water usage in different countries 3. Surveys and investigations on transportation and environmental impact
  • Comparison of energy use.
  • Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.
  • How to eat well- and save the planet!
  • The students will gain long-lasting ecological habits.
  • Students will learn more about how to appreciate nature, behave as a European or even a global eco-citizen and try to make a smaller ecological footprint on Mother Earth.
  • Promote foreign language learning and sharing through the use of ICT.