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A ‘’Learn by Design” - Digital Toolkit to Include Gifted Individuals in STEAM Education

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Akademia Humanistyczno- Ekonomiczna w Lodzi

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2022-12-01 - 2024-04-30

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The project aims to develop new methods and resources for including gifted people in STEAM education, taking into account their educational needs and talent development. Majority of research shows that gifted students need specialised educational methods, both to include them in educational activities and to develop their talents. Experts say that if the educational needs of talented individuals are met, they will be able to succeed in school disciplines at the highest level and become a productive part of society. The project will develop a specific educational method and learning resources to help a specific group of learners engage in teaching and learning through STEAM activities. In this way, the project results will contribute to increased inclusion and diversity in specific educational fields.
The ‘Learning by Design’ approach can provide gifted students with the opportunity to engage in educational activities in which they can transform their subject knowledge into creative educational products. This opportunity firstly provides them with both challenging and enjoyable learning tasks. Secondly, it helps them design educational products that allow them to demonstrate their natural abilities and talents. Moreover, learning about the ‘design by learning’ approach and the toolkit for creating digital and virtual applications enables teachers to develop pedagogical competences for teaching activities where students learn and design their knowledge through digital and augmented reality applications. Project deals with the development of educational activities and content related to STEAM education. Therefore, the project will contribute to existing STEAM educational practices, especially in the field of digital and virtual reality design. Therefore, the objectives of the project are related to the promotion of current STEAM education. Finally, the results of the project are expected to provide teachers/trainers/coaches who support gifted individuals with materials, training scenarios, case studies on STEAM, courses, remote meetings and opportunities to practice and exchange experiences with colleagues from other organisations. This will provide professional development and enhance the educational offer. Hence, the project will be helpful for teachers, trainers and school directors to have a new method and educational resources to promote a group of students.