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The Superhero Lab: Engaging Children as Scientists to Explore Sustainability

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The Superhero Lab

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Die Brücke e.V.

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2023-11-01 - 2026-10-31

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Early childhood education is critical for shaping children’s attitudes and behaviours towards sustainability. Through the European Green Deal, Next Generation EU, Recovery and Resilience Facility, and Pact for Skills, the EU encourages the education and training sector to develop sustainability competencies for all learners and contribute to the green transition. However, additional efforts are required to ensure that all learners have the opportunity to learn about sustainability within STEM subjects. Kindergarten teachers necessitate supplementary assistance when it comes to teaching sustainability concepts through science. They frequently become apprehensive, considering such subjects overly intricate and challenging to comprehend, both for themselves and the young pupils.
With these in mind, The Superhero Lab project was developed in an effort to empower teachers through trainings and innovative curricula and also engage children as scientists through experiments that cultivate a love of science and STEM subjects, thereby inspiring them to become agents of change in the creation of solutions to environmental issues.